As we know that the birds are free species. They have to live freely. They can fly anywhere they want and can make their own nest for living. So, we can’t stop them manually. They like to choose cosy places for their living. They give both to their babies in the nest and like to keep them in the warmth and secured places. They don’t want that people see their babies or their eggs before their baby come of the eggs If someone see their eggs, they discard them and eventually there is no baby pop out from the eggs. 

So, they always look for the better and secured place for their babies before giving birth to them. They usually find places where there is no sign of human but when they live in a city place then we know that people live there in millions. So, they can make their nest at any place. There is no actual harm with birds to human beings but their mites and lice are not good for human being. They can cause infections and skin diseases to human beings especially kids, infants, old aged people and the people who have weak immune system. So, we need to keep our space clean from such species of birds.

Birds spikes are the most effective way to treat the birds. They are not harmful for them as the sharp objects usually harm the birds but spikes don’t have anything that is sharp. The rods are little and small, it only restricts the birds to sit on them. They usually sit or stand on a place where the surface is flat and they can easily keep their legs. Spikes don’t have this much space so they can’t make their nests on it.

Places for Spike Nest

We can have good bird spikes at the following places.

    • Roofs:

We know that roofs are wide open. There is very limited space where the roofs are covered. So, it is an ideal place for the birds to make their nest and give birth to their babies. We can have spikes at roof.

    • Aerials:

We know that we usually have aerials and antenna at the roof. They have a sufficient space in them. Birds like this place and make their nest. We can easily protect this space with the spikes.

    • Chimneys:

Usually chimneys are hot, it is an ideal place for the birds too. It helps in cold weather to keep the babies warm and alive.

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