The use of the Internet and other communication technologies is increasing. This left some people wondering if telephone counselling is still an effective way to provide psychological help to patients. Studies have shown that telephone counselling is still effective. According to a recent consumer report, patients benefit greatly from psychologist in South Perth over the phone. Face-to-face counselling sessions are still effective, but telephone counselling offers unique benefits that improve the patient’s response to the psychological help provided. 

A study on psychological counselling found that approximately 68% of patients who received telephone counselling were very satisfied with the session. 53% of patients said they improved after a phone consultation session. When counselling begins, the effectiveness of phone counselling is greatly reduced for those who report feeling very bad compared to face-to-face counselling. Compared to 54% of similar people who received physical counselling, only about 31% of these patients responded positively to telephone counselling.

Telephone consultation is much more convenient than visiting the counsellor’s office directly. It is also inexpensive and this benefit is important to many. The person receiving the telephone counselling has increased control over the situation, which improves the results of the psychological counselling they receive. Anonymity allows people to be more open to advisors, increasing the likelihood that the advice will be worthwhile.

For those who do not have the financial capacity to attend face-to-face counselling sessions, telephone counselling is a great opportunity to solve the problem. There are many free telephone counselling services that people can use to restore control over their psychological well-being. The person receiving the phone consultation is not disturbed by the counsellor’s physical appearance and the surrounding environment. This increases the patient’s ability to focus on what the counsellor has said. The fact that the patient is in a friendly and safe environment increases the effectiveness of the counselling session.

As compared to secular counselling methods, Christian counselling addresses psychological problems from a different angle. The spiritual angle through which Christian counsellors approach patient problems can greatly influence the effectiveness of the counselling process. Many people are used to getting help and advice from others based on what they know about society and what society teaches. It is a different story when the council supports the teachings of the Bible.

Through Christian counselling, people can connect with their spiritual side, through which they can obtain a constant solution to the problem. People accept Christian counselling better than secular counselling. Christian counselling is not limited to social and moral teaching but is part of the process. Christian counselling is more effective than face-to-face counselling when personal beliefs are taken as a key element in the recovery process and delivered over the phone. Check this website to find out more details.