Celebrating birthday is incomplete without that special cake baked by any loved one. There are so many items which can be associated with a birthday party but cake is something like a must have. Similarly there are few aspects which cannot be detached from a birthday party. No matter how old are you? No matter which year of the birth you are celebrating with your friends and peers, cake always works the best way. Moreover, the styles and options are so enormous these days that one can add as much variation as possible and wanted. 

Options for the birthday cakes:

There are so many things which one can Google on the internet and try to copy the same idea; there are so many friends who have already tried so many things no matter what. Hence, to be creative is the only option which baking or making a cake for anybody. There are icing options which changes the overall look of the birthday cakes altogether, icing can be used as something for the sake of decoration; for those who are still under the impression that icing is edible (yes it is) it is all edible whatever is on that cake but, icing doesn’t have that level of taste and definitely it cannot alarm your taste buds anyways. Good birthday cakes are different by all means now, there are flavor options and above all look options are also there. Another thing which is weirdly true is that birthday cakes have always been symbolized as something as a signature of birthday.

Shapes and sizes of a birthday cake:

Certainly a wide range of options available in the market which can solve the purpose. Greeks used to make a round cake always, whereas, Europeans came up with a square shape cakes eventually it floats like triangle, rectangular or any other shape of the cake and this became the norm by all means. The size of the cake is measured in terms of pounds, 2 pound cake, 4 pound etc. and according to the size the servings varies. Definitely the more pounds added the more servings can be added and the more cake would look bigger. Hence, there is a direct relation between cake pounds and serving. Birthday cakes are usual ones, but in western countries there are so many events in which they add celebration cakes Auckland, for instance: wedding ceremonies where they make double and triple stories cakes depending on the size of the event and the people attending the event. So much so, the bride and the groom cut the cake it is so big in size that the whole event can eat with it properly.