stainless steel anchor bolts

Structural assemblies of mechanical products like machines and even wooden items like furniture cannot proceed without the involvement of different type of fasteners. These technical devices make stronger and stiff connection between two objects, which can be modified, repaired and replaced by new tools. Bolts are among the most significant fastening tools which are part of every mechanic tool kit as well as mechanical industries. Two of the different but important bolts are concrete anchor bolts and stainless steel anchor bolts. As the name indicates concrete bolts are used for objects that are made up of concrete while the latter one creates holes and links materials that are made up of steel. Although, the purpose of both types of bolts is the same, these widely differ in functioning, fitting and action. The direction of anchorage of bolts is different in different mechanical applications. These overall built and maintain the structural foundation of any mechanical or industrial object, aiding in strengthening the bond between its individual parts.

Different categories of concrete anchor bolts

Anchor bolts are one of the significant elements that are used as fasteners in mechanics and industries. A class of bolts referred as concrete anchor bolts is among the frequently employed one when concrete surfaces are under observation. Concrete anchor bolts are normally seen as part of structure like hanging knobs, towel bar points and doors etc. as these are adhered into the concrete platform. This type of bolt use is stable, strong, long-lived, dense, resistant to water, affordable, easy to access and purchase from market.

Concrete anchor bolts are secure in their fittings which help to maintain a strong between surfaces like concrete and wood or plastic and even metal. On the basis of the weight concrete bolts can endure, these are divided into three individual groups referred as light-duty, medium duty and heavy duty weighted anchor bolts.

Stainless steel anchor bolts

There are different sizes and version of stainless steel anchor bolts on the basis of which they are given independent codes like stainless steel 360 and 316 etc. Stainless steel anchor bolts differ from each other by diameter, thread, finish and grade. However, all of them are easy to use, easy to purchase in affordable range, are durable and are frequently involved in construction business.

Stainless steel anchor bolts have two different shape format which is like J and L, due to which they vary in their mechanical demand. The activities mainly involved perpendicular founded stainless steel bolts; however, in cases where expansion is required stainless steel expansion bolts are employed. The most common in use is the 316 stainless steel anchorage fasteners because of resistance power, as most of bolts are required to be use in corrosive environmental conditions.


Concrete anchor bolts and stainless steel anchor bolts are two structurally and functionally different classes of bolts. The former one provides structural support to concrete surface while the latter belongs to stainless steel or steel attachments.

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