Excavator is a vehicle that contains a bucket, a rotating arm, and moveable track belts. The buckets attached with the excavator are of different types and sizes. These help excavators to dig, to clean waste, to the riddle, separate small materials from the larger, break down rocks and dig mines. Excavators are mostly used on a construction sites.

Excavator buckets:

Excavator bucket is an equipment that is attached with the excavator in order to operate many processes. Excavator buckets are having many features. For example: digging and ploughing, rock and stone, v-shaped bucket, grading or clean-up bucket, riddle or hope bucket.

Mini excavator:

A mini excavator is a vehicle that is used in construction. It is mostly used to carry and transmit material from one place to another. It can weigh up to 10,000 to 20,000 pounds. Mini excavators can work in small places where the large excavator cannot work. The excavator can be fastened with wheels or tracks.

Uses of mini excavator:

A mini excavator is used in many ways. For example to dig a holes and gashes, rehabilitation of sewerage lines and pipes, digging out soil to make ponds and pools, pulling down and destroy any kind of structure, for structuring and formulating the trenches.

List of Mini excavator attachment:

There is a big range of mini excavator attachments. These accessories can be attached to the excavator in order to perform different tasks.

  • Gripper: A gripper is a kind of mini excavator attachment. This is used for gripping things. It’s a kind of bucket that is used for holding machinery and other dump material. And shift them to the required place.
  • Augers: Augers are the mini excavator attachment that is used for drilling deep into the soil or ground. And dug soil out of ground. It help us in digging holes for planting and constructing pillars.
  • Buckets: This is the attachment with excavator. These are made of steel material and have sharp teeth on its front edge. These buckets help in picking up material and structures of dump vehicles.
  • Concrete slab grabber: It is used for picking up a slab. And are also known as concrete removal buckets. These buckets are flat and teethed from the edge to control and pick up the slab and transport them to another place.
  • Ripper: Ripper is used for cutting and cracking the hard landscape. It is also operated for breaking down the frozen layers of ice. It manages to break rocks and hard surface layers of soil.
  • Tillers: Tiller is an excavator attachments that is used for tendering soil. Its heavy metal plates help the soil in piercing and boring. It uses to turn over the lumps of surface that are necessary for good cultivation. Tiller is effective in mixing fertilization of soil into the land as well.