How bad is the traffic of your local area? If it’s bad, consider if you really want to be battling it twice a day as you commute to and from work. In all honesty, you might feel like taking the public transport is much easier. If you want a vehicle for the soul purpose of travelling around when you are not working, then ask yourself how often you do go out a distance that you’ll need a vehicle of your own. If it’s quite often, then go for it!

  • Tooth or eye related issues – admittedly, when it comes to our health, we are a little more vigilant. However, when it’s something like a toothache or an issue related to the eye, getting it checked takes a back seat. This is an extremely bad idea, as these could lead to a loss of eye sight even. The best thing you can do, is get your eyes and teeth checked regularly, at least once in 6 months.
  • Vehicle problems –More often than not, despite your vehicle making strange noises, you might have ignore looking into it or taking it to a mechanic. If you had, you might have been able to avoid that huge bill your vehicle racked up when it finally gave up and you had to have it towed.
  • Unusual rashes – unless it happens to be on the face, or it happens to be particularly uncomfortable, rashes are generally ignored. People generally tend to “will” them away, hoping they’ll cure themselves. However, this can escalate quite fast, and have worse results than you expect. Remember that the first signs of skin related cancer can appear through rashes.
  • Making that phone call – whether it’s to the best mechanic in town or the call that will help you get a better job; never put it off. Unfortunately for us, good fortune doesn’t come knocking at our door very often; so you need to seize it while it lasts. You might feel that avoiding to make that call might only push it back a little, but you never know how far the setback will be.
  • Fixing those small renovations of your home – small home renovations like leaking taps or cracked window panes are disasters waiting to happen. By not taking care of them immediately, you are only giving it a chance to grow in both size and expense.
  • Exercising and getting back into shape – one of the hardest things to do is to get back into your regular exercise routine. The longer you wait to restart, either due to an injury, baby deliver or even winter, the harder it will be for you to get back into routine.
  • Working on your resume – this is one thing that can be a disaster to you if you happen to hear of a good job opportunity with limited time to apply. Try to work on your resume and update it as often as you can. Letters of recommendations too need to be filed as soon as possible.
  • Donating something to charity – if you’re considering donating something or an amount of money to charity, then do so as soon as you get the thought. Overthinking can generally lead to you changing your mind, or at the very least, you will find some excuse to be less generous than you originally intended to be. View more information by visiting