spray paint

Many paint companies have now started manufacturing spray paints because of the popularity of these. The spray paints are used for number of purposes and these are very easy to use and are durable as well. These help you paint very quickly and this is the reason that these are used in number of crafting and home projects. These are available in the smaller cans and are ready to use so that you do not have to worry about mixing these with thinner and other primer before you start the painting.

Why to use spray paint instead of traditional paint?

The spray paints are popular because these are easier to apply and these dry out quickly. Also, these are very cheap and it does provide you with the coverage that you need and stick to the surface. The spray paint produced by many paint companies use the oil-based products and therefore, these are durable on the surface similar to the latex paint. Although, one drawback of the spray paint is that colour shades in these spray paints are limited and these are used for smaller product and should not be used for very large areas and is better used in outdoor environment.

Surfaces you can use the spray paint on:

The spray paints used are versatile in nature and therefore, these can be used in number of surfaces such as the plastic, canvas, concrete, plaster, ceramic even wood, metal and glass. One more thing is that spray paints should not be used on the surfaces coming in direct contact with the food, such as the crockery or silverwares.

Temperature limitation:

One important thing with spray paint in australia that makes it less suitable for all kinds of climates is that it does not stay well with the wet or cold environment. For the spray paints to work well in outdoor environment, it needs to be sunny and dry. Because otherwise the area will start to crack and peel off.

No need for primer:

As mentioned earlier, the paint companies use the oil content in the spray paints to eliminate the need of primer but for some surfaces you may still need it because you would be requiring double finish and gloss on this and it will also give you double protection against erosion when you are painting over metal surfaces. Although, it still is a personal choice to use the primer with the spray paint.


You could use the spray paint to paint your metal or plastic furniture item and give it a new look as well as the furniture made from wicker and this is the easiest and quicker way to make these fresh again.  For more information please visit our website www.lacnam.com.au.