Here are our experts tips and suggestions…childrens party entertainers brisbane

  • Understand that this party is more for you than your child – let’s get real. Your baby and the star of the day is hardly going to know the difference of the day from other days. So while you should keep in mind that it’s their birthday, you also should keep in mind not to stress overly about making them enjoy it. Think of it this way, in a few years’ time, you baby will have opinions and likings of their own. This means you’ll have to bend to their wishes; and not really go according to your ideas. So grab the moment and party with your inner child.
  • Work around nap time – the last thing you want is to have a cranky birthday baby. To avoid having your baby sleep deprived and grumpy try to plan your party so it starts right after your baby’s nap. Remember to keep a little time for them to to feel less (sleep) confused and for you to get them ready as well.
  • Have food and entertainment for all ages – if you’re planning on having kids in the party, even if it’s not kids around your child’s age, make sure to have both food and entertainment to suit them. Most adult dominant parties tend to forget this; ending with the kids being grumpy and the party getting messy. Hire a few childrens party entertainers to make life easier for you. In the case of very small kids, have a decorated playpen with toys in it to keep them out of trouble.
  • Keep the guest list simple – whether you have to bring in kids party entertainers Brisbane or not also depends on the amount of guests you’re inviting. If your child is naturally shy and weary of strangers, then having a huge amount of people around them (wanting to hold them, singing them the birthday song) can be very stressful. To avoid the screaming and the tears, invite those with who your child is comfortable and familiar with. Keep the numbers low to play it safe.
  • If you are going to have cake, consider making it cupcakes – there’s a huge possibility that despite how pretty the cake tends to be, your baby might not feel too enthusiastic having anything to do with it. A big cake with a lot of candles too can make them feel a little overwhelmed. Serving cupcakes will be a better option. You can view more information here