If you have experience planning birthday parties you may think that you can also handle a wedding. But the first things that you should know is birthdays and weddings are completely different from each other. Furthermore, weddings are considerably complicated. That is because you would be entertaining a countless number of people. Furthermore, you would also be planning to introduce the two families to each other during this event. Therefore due to this reason you want everything to go off without a hitch. However, if you are organized you would not have any trouble. That is because organization it the key to success. \"weddingHave an OrganizerThe key to having a stress free wedding is organization. Therefore one should make sure each and every aspect of their wedding has been organized properly. In order to ensure this, they must note down everything on their organizer. This can be something simple as the number of guests invited or even the number of the wedding photo booth hire. However, the only thing that you should ensure is to keep everything in one place. This way everything from the invoices to the contact details would be stored within the organizer. This would also help to make your house more organized. That is because you would not have pieces of paper floating all over the place. However, having an organizer alone would not be sufficient. You should also make sure to take it when you go to wedding-related errands. Have EntertainmentWhen you begin planning the wedding you spend a significant amount of time on your outfit and on the flowers. But something that many individuals fail to consider is entertainment. Merely inviting guests and serving them food would not be sufficient. Instead of one also has to make sure these individuals are properly entertained. Therefore in order to do this many individuals tend to hire a DJ or band. But you can also hire a photo booth. This way the guests would be able to have fun and entertain themselves. Furthermore, they would also be able to take mementoes with them when they leave. Therefore it can be something that they could look back at in the years to come.Give Yourself a TimelineWhen you begin the planning process you may wish to finish everything as quickly as possible. But it is not possible to complete everything. Instead, you should first create a timeline. This would give you an idea of when certain tasks should be completed.Planning a wedding can be a challenge. But with these tips, you can streamline the process.