liquor licence Melbourne

Melbourne has a top-notch hospitality industry. But, there is always room for one more place where customers may unwind with a cheeky cocktail or quick beer after work. The checklist for launching a new bar, restaurant, or cafe, however, can be as long as your arm. Together with developing your idea, finding finance, and selecting a business structure, you must also apply for all the necessary liquor licences and permits in order to legally launch your hospitality venture. Also, obtaining a liquor licence Melbourne should be one of your top priorities if you intend to serve alcohol. How does the procedure operate in Melbourne, though?

Which alcohol licence do you require?

There are, believe it or not, more than 13 different types of liquor licences in Melbourne, including:

  • BYO permissions
  • Licensing for bars
  • late-night establishments
  • Special event permits
  • Licenses for community and sports clubs

Hence, you must first determine which form of licence is appropriate for you. The response to that will rely on a number of elements, including:

  • The location where your consumers will consume alcohol
  • The hours that your establishment is open
  • The availability of food in addition to beverages

Which alcohol licence do I require?

You are prompted with a number of questions by the liquor licence picker tool regarding the anticipated operations for your company or event. Once you know where to look, you may locate a liquor licence Melbourne kind that satisfies your needs. A licence might not always be necessary. You can get more details about the various licence categories to confirm that the licence you have selected is the right one. To protect the integrity of Melbourne’s liquor industries and to minimise harm, The Hopkinson and Associates controls enterprises by focusing on the people, locations, goods, and marketing involved in the supply of alcoholic beverages. For the sale and use of alcohol, a planning permission is typically necessary, and it must be secured before applying for a liquor licence in Melbourne. If a planning permit is not necessary, you must obtain written confirmation from Hopkinson & Associates and submit it to VCGLR along with your application for a liquor licence.

Australian recommendations to lessen the dangers of alcohol use

In Australia, alcohol is the most often used substance. Alcohol can hurt the drinker and occasionally those around them, yet it is consumed for a variety of reasons and in many social and cultural circumstances. To lessen the health risks associated with alcohol consumption, Hopkinson & Associates offers liquor advise in Melbourne. The guidelines offer evidence-based recommendations on the negative effects of alcohol consumption to health professionals, decision-makers, and the Australian public. They also assist individuals in deciding whether to drink any alcohol at all and how much.