It is always a daunting task caring for a new born baby, especially if you are first time parents. It is ok to feel clueless and think you have no idea what you are doing. Most first time parents are. Remember that babies are resilient and with gentle care and love, you will do fine parenting your new born. This is also a crucial time for the parents to bond with your baby. Here are a few tips that you can use to bond between you and your baby during those early months.

Talk to your baby
Babies love sound, so talk to them, read and sing to them as much as you can. This will be soothing to them especially if they seem a little fussy to sleep or eat. You can also use baby rattles and musical mobiles to entertain them. If you want them to fall asleep, rock them from side to side while singing a soft lullaby or read a nursery rhyme. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes such as breastfeeding dresses Australia so that they are comfortable against you. Be aware if the baby turns away, cries or looks startled at the noise, it may be too loud and they may be sensitive to noise. Lower the volume and check if that helps.

Swaddle your baby
Swaddling keeps the baby warm and they feel safe and secure. The technique to swaddle properly can be checked from online tutorials and videos. Make sure to buy baby blankets that are well made and are comfortable so that it does not cause irritation to the baby. Unlike clothes that can be bought off online stores such as, tops and skirts for adults. Buying baby clothes and blankets from a physical store to check their quality is vital. Once you swaddle the baby, you will see that only the head and the neck of the baby will be visible from the blanket. Most babies love to be swaddled however; this is recommended only for babies under two months old.

Understand the babies’ cries
It will be hard to understand what your baby is trying to communicate initially however as time passes, you will slowly begin to pick the difference between the cries. Some of the common reasons that a baby cries is because they are sleepy or tired, hungry, too much noise, and feeling gas, sick or needs a diaper change. Take them out for a short walk or in a stroller if the crying is persistent. This will calm them down for sometimes.dress-maternity